Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bigfoot spotted on YouTube

Once again we see the media mocking a sighting of Bigfoot. How many sightings is it going to take?

Did An iPhone Just Get Video Of Bigfoot?

By Gabriel Perna | May 30, 2011 5:12 PM EDT
The legend of Bigfoot lives - at least in the eyes of one woman.
The woman, named "Samantha" told interviewers she saw Bigfoot while hiking near her native hometown of Spokane, Wash near the Spokane River. She recorded a video on her iPhone and subsequently uploaded it to YouTube. The video has thus far gotten more than 500,000 views.
Most people seem to be convinced the video is fake. "Not real! You can tell it's a man walking," one commentator named Blueshockeyboys said.
"I have never given it much thought, but now I'm not so sure. Seem real enough to me," Samantha, who did not give her last name out to interviewers, said toKLXY.com.
Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is a mythical ape like beast, that can walk upright and has the mannuerisms of a humanoid. It's been "sighted" several times in the Great Pacific Northwest. While it's mainly believed to be an urban legend, there are some legitimate scientists such as Jane Goodall and Jeffrey Meldrum, who believe in its existence.
Take a look at the video for yourself and see what you think.

"Most people seem to be convinced the video is a fake." says the "reporter". However, I doubt he really bothered to survey "most people", instead simply referring to the sceptics who leave negative comments on YouTube (and blogs like this one). His reference? "Blueshockeyboys", who says "Not real! You can tell it's a man walking," This is an impressive observation coming from someone WHO WASN'T THERE! 
"Blueshockeyboys" may well be a credible journalist, but they should know better than to jump to conclusions. It's unscientific. 
I think it's pretty clear from the fur that this is conclusive evidence of Bigfoot. 
What do you think?

Facebook founder is a vampire!

This news is very disturbing, but doesn't come as much of a surprise to anyone who saw 'The Social Network'. 
Zuckerberg is clearly a blood-sucker. Take a close look at this photo and you'll notice the pale complexion, lifeless eyes and... FANGS!

The more I think about it, the more this makes sense. Even his software sucks the life from its users. Plus he has a strange views on what constitutes vegetarianism (see below)

I wonder how many other pale billionaires out there might be vampires?

Mark Zuckerberg Butchers Animal to Eat
May 29, 2011 7:18 PM EDT

Mark Zuckerberg - when he's not building Facebook - likes to give himself personal challenges to "learn something about the world, expand my interests and teach myself greater discipline, he recently told a magazine.

For example, last year his Challenge was to learn Chinese, giving himself an hour a day to do it.

"It has been a very humbling experience," he said in an e-mail to Fortune published on Thursday. "You just need to practice and practice."

He said he has traveled to the country, learned about its culture and history and met "a lot of interesting new people."

His latest personal challenge revolves around "being thankful for the food I have to eat." Zuckerberg says he has started to slaughter the meat that he eats. A hint of his practice was revealed publicly on May 4 in a Facebook posting where he wrote" "I Just killed a pig and a goat."

"I think many people forget that a living being has to die for you to eat meat, so my goal revolves around not letting myself forget that and being thankful for what I have," Zuckerberg told Fortune in an e-mail on Thursday.

His way for doing that has meant that he has "basically become a vegetarian since the only meat I'm eating is from animals I've killed myself."

He says it that so for it has been a "good experience" noting he's eating healthier foods and has learned about sustainable farming and raising of animals.

When did the seed for this come about?

He started thinking about it at a pig roast at his house last year. Many people there told him they liked the meat but didn't want to think about the fact that the pig had once been alive.

"That just seemed irresponsible to me," he said. "I don't have an issue with anything people choose to eat, but I do think they should take responsibility and be thankful for what they eat rather than trying to ignore where it came from."

Zuckerberg says he first killed a lobster boiling it alive and told Fortune that it was difficult emotionally.

"The most interesting thing was how special it felt to eat it after having not eaten any seafood or meat in a while," he said.

He later killed a chicken.

UFO over Tasmania

These lights were seen over Tasmania last week (Tasmania is an island to the south of Australia). There have been similar sightings reported all over the world. Usually near airports. 
I myself have witnessed lights like these close to Melbourne airport. 
Admittedly, most of those turned-out to be planes, but this one is clearly not moving. 
It reminds me a little of the alien ship that lands at the end of 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'. (SPOILER ALERT!)

Read on and let me know if you've spotted anything similar to this!

UFO theory on lights in Tassie sky

Kate Clifford
May 30, 2011 - 1:21PMA Tasmanian man has described as "spooky" an unexplained flashing object he saw in the night sky above Launceston last week.

The lights flashed white and green for several minutes before turning out in the sky high above the tree line, he told theLaunceston Examiner.
Brendon Hill first saw the flashing lights above Mayfield on Thursday night from his backyard balcony at Riverside.
He then witnessed the same lights on Saturday night.
"On Thursday I dragged my three mates outside to show them and they were bewildered - none of them could describe what they saw or could come up with an explanation of what it was," Mr Hill said.
Mr Hill looked at the site of the flashing lights through his binoculars the next day and said he could not see anything that would generate the same pulsing light.
"There are no buildings or towers in that area that could generate that much light - it was very strange how I couldn't see anything during the day," he said.
On Saturday about 9pm Mr Hill saw the flashing lights again and this time caught them on his video camera.
"It made my hair stand up on my neck," he said.
"It seems so unhuman, it doesn't resemble anything I have seen before and after seeing it with my own eyes it feels very spooky."
A Bureau of Meteorology Launceston spokesman said no sightings of Mr Hill's description were reported to the office.
However, there were reports of the Aurora Australis - or southern lights - which sends bright green and red lights flashing across the sky .
"The Aurora is more of a swirling, wave-like look across the whole sky: it does not sounds like his description," the spokesman said.
Launceston Air Traffic Control also did not have any reportings of the lights.
The Australian Defence Department was unable to comment.
Mr Hill said he had no reason to believe it was anything man-made.
"I don't mind if it turns out to be something really boring because it would put my mind at ease," he said.
"It's annoying not knowing what it was. My mind keeps ticking over trying to figure out what it could be."

more: http://www.theage.com.au/national/ufo-theory-on-lights-in-tassie-sky-20110530-1fbtq.html#ixzz1NtURxDQe

Friday, 20 May 2011

UFO Or Meteor Crash New Jersey 2011

This is just creepy! It should be front-page news, but as usual, it's being ignored by the mainstream media.

I've never heard of ANYTHING doing the kind of damage seen here. A hole without any evidence of what caused it. It reeks of alien involvement to me. But why would they do it?

Original report said that a "strange hole recently appeared in an unsuspecting lawn. This spontaneous divot has fascinated residents and local news anchors, spinning dark, eldritch dreams of meteorites and UFOs" [link]

No-one appears to have a clue what caused it. Maybe this unexplained event is some kind of warning? A wake-up call to 2012? 

And one last small note - Congratulations to PIX11 news for treating this story with the respect it deserves. News services in this country would've mocked this discovery and attributed it to vandals or landscape gardeners or something equally ridiculous...

Monday, 16 May 2011

More crap about Roswell

Here's yet another attempt to muddy the waters about what happened at Roswell back in 1947. People continue to ignore the facts of this case. The airforce themselves reported a crashed flying disk and bodies, before being pressured to change their story to 'weather balloon'. Now some crack pot suggests the bodies they recovered weren't aliens, but mutant children that a Nazi had trained to fly some secret jet, sponsored by Stalin. 
These 'children' are described as having "unusually large heads and abnormally shaped oversized eyes." 
Hello? That's because they were... ALIENS!!!

I know 'Independence Day' isn't a documentary, but it it shows pretty clearly that aliens don't look like small children.

Check-out the tone used in the article below by Thomas Harding. Obviously, a 'doubting Thomas'...

Stalin, Mengele, join cast as Roswell plot thickens
Thomas Harding, London
May 15, 2011Image of a purported "alien" from a documentary on the Roswell incident.
Image of a purported "alien" from a documentary on the Roswell incident.
DEVOTEES of science fiction have been convinced for decades that an alien spacecraft crashed in the desert of New Mexico - and that the American government covered up the recovery of extraterrestrial bodies.
The so-called Roswell Incident of 1947 spawned conspiracy theories by the score.
But now, sadly for UFO spotters, a new book offers an entirely man-made and even more bizarre explanation, featuring two of the greatest villains of 20th century history: the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and the infamous Nazi ''Angel of Death'' Dr Josef Mengele.
During a powerful storm in July 1947, an object crashed near a rancher's home in Roswell, New Mexico.
Roswell army airbase initially said that a ''flying disc'' had come down but, hours later, as government scientists arrived, it was stated that a weather balloon had crashed. The incident went largely unreported until books and documentaries in the 1970s made allegations of alien life forms.
Area 51, the new book by Annie Jacobsen, is based on interviews with scientists and engineers who worked in the top-secret test base in the Nevada Desert.
It dismisses the alien story and puts forward the theory that Stalin was inspired by Orson Welles's famous radio adaptation of the H.G. Wells novel The War of the Worlds, which provoked hysteria across America when broadcast in 1938.
According to the book, the plot started after the Soviet Union seized from Germany at the end of the war the jet-propelled, single wing Horten Ho 229 - a fighter said to be the forerunner of the modern B-2 stealth bomber.
This is where Mengele enters the story. The Nazi doctor, who experimented on prisoners in Auschwitz and fled to South America after the war, was supposedly enlisted to create a crew of ''grotesque, child-size aviators'' in return for a eugenics laboratory.
The book says that the plane was filled with ''alien-like'' children, aged 12 or 13, who Stalin wanted to land in America and cause hysteria similar to the 1938 broadcast. But the remotely piloted plane crashed and the Americans hushed up the incident. Jacobsen's source, a retired engineer from the former defence company EG&G, said he was put on to the Roswell project in Area 51 in 1978.
Jacobsen, a journalist with The Los Angeles Times, writes: ''They found bodies alongside the crashed craft. These were not aliens. Nor were they consenting airmen. They were human guinea pigs. Unusually petite for pilots, they appeared to be children.
''Each was under five feet tall. They were grotesquely deformed, but each in the same manner as the others. They had unusually large heads and abnormally shaped oversized eyes.''
Two were supposedly found ''comatose but still alive''.
A spokesman for the US Air Force said: ''We have not yet read this book so we are not able to make a comment on it.''

Sunday, 15 May 2011

SETI: Is the search over?

So the US government has powered-down SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial Life) due to 'tight budgets'. 
I don't buy it... 
Is this yet another example of a government cover-up? Consider this...
Would you keep funding the search for aliens if you knew they were already visiting us here on Earth? 
Of course not.
The money they're diverting from SETI is probably going to the military to research some defensive weapon, or perhaps some kind of computer virus that could bring down an alien mothership, just like in 'Independence Day'. 
If this is the case (and I believe it is), they should hire that guy who hacked the Sony Playstation Network. He must be pretty good. 
We need someone who knows a lot about wireless networking, like Jeff Goldblum in 'Independence Day'...

US Government Powers Down SETI

SETI, the massive, international scientific effort to listen for life outside of earth, won’t be finding that life anytime soon, the Mercury News reports – too broke to continue, the project’s Allen Telescope Array is hanging up indefinitely.
The shutdown comes as both a shock and major disappointment to astronomers around the world. The 42-dish array, named after Microsoft founder Paul Allen’s thick-walleted donation, has only been operational for four years and would just now be reaching its most valuable period of use: “There is a huge irony,” laments SETI Director Jill Tarter, “that a time when we discover so many planets to look at, we don’t have the operating funds to listen.” There are other dishes available to the project, but none as capable as the Allen Array. With these radio dishes out of commission, the project is completely hobbled. State and federal budgets are both tight, and many in Congress dismiss the project as trivial ET-chasing.
So the dishes will sit idle, for who knows how long. And if a broadcast from a distant intelligence happens to bounce in our vicinity, we’ll never know. “If we miss a distant signal,” says one amateur astronomer, “it would be a terrible loss.”
If you’d like to donate to a worthy cause today, consider throwing SETI some bones. It just might lead to the greatest scientific breakthrough in human history.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Alien autopsy conspiracy

Check-out this video of a "fake" alien autopsy.
Former MASH surgeon Alan Alda tries to explain how easy it is to fake a dead alien body. 
Seems to me they're cutting-up a real alien and pretending it's not! 
(Why would they go to so much effort to create a tongue and eyes that are so real?)

Is this some kind of sick cover-up to pour cold water on other "dead alien" videos, pretending it's easy to make a dummy alien?
How can you fake a tongue like that? 
It looks extremely lifelike to me...

And what's Alan Alda doing there? He's an actor, not a real surgeon. 
(MASH wasn't real, it was filmed in LA!)

Is this another example of a well-funded government cover-up?

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Watch Van Halen’s Sammy Hagar reenact his alien abduction on TV

In case you were confused as to exactly how Van Halen's Sammy Hagar was abducted by aliens (something he admitted to last month in his new autobiography Red), Hagar reenacted the entire horrific experience on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  

Sadly, he doesn't seem to be taking his own abduction experience seriously... treating it all like a big joke. Perhaps this is what happens when you've taken too many drugs - you can't take anything seriously anymore?